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Start Button, Start Button! Wherefore art thou Start Button?

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

I am a firm believer that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I loved pretty much everything about Windows 7 and when Windows 8 came out I was hesitant to upgrade. Reluctantly I did since I work in IT and I wanted to be familiar with it so I can better troubleshoot things in the future. First off as most of you know even if you do not use it, the user interface has drastically changed and personally I am not a fan. I see it being great for tablets and mobile devices, but as an everyday workstation it’s just “meh” and can be uber confusing for non tech savy folks.

One of the biggest pet peeves most people have with it is the lack of an actual Start Button and the classic Start Menu on the Desktop interface. When you are so used to using it and essentially navigating your system with your eyes closed this is a big curve ball to get used to. Many out there have found free third party replacements that will add this feature back, but most if not all are junk and not really good. If you are willing to pay a few bucks then I would suggest Start8 by Stardock, but there really is no need to and I will explain that in a bit.

There was a slight glimmer of hope when Windows 8.1 was announced and it was stated that they were adding back the Start Button and Menu. This had people virtually high-fiving Microsoft for realizing they made a mistake and were willing to fix it. Well long story short, Microsoft backed down and even went as far as stating that they never had plans to bring back the classic Start Button and Menu. Instead they are offering what is being dubbed as the Metro Button which basically just allows people to Shut Down their machine and access a few power user features like the Control Panel and Run.¬†Essentially they are telling people to piss off regarding their legitimate complaints and just get used to how Windows 8 works. Good guy Microsoft…

Like I said there are free and even paid options, but why pay when it’s already there? Yes, that’s right. The coding and functionality for the Start Button and Menu you grew to love and lost is still there. They are just hidden and the sad part is, it is really easy to enable it, it’s just most people are completely unaware this option even exists! Well hopefully I can do you all a public service and “put right what once went wrong” like my hero Dr. Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap by showing you how to bring it back much like how I am bringing back the Bow Tie and how JT brought back Sexy. YEAH!


Step 1: Access the Run program by hitting Windows + R and type in regedit.exe and then hit Enter key to launch the Registry Editor.


Step 2: Locate the following key in the Registry editor:



Step 3: There in the right pane you will see an option RPEnabled, double click it and change its value from 1 to 0 to revert your preference to the older style windows 7 start menu.



That’s it. Your beautiful button is back. Now if you decide to ever go back to the way it was originally simply follow these same steps and just revert the RPEnabled value back to 1 and you are good to go. Now I cannot be 100% certain if this fix will still work when 8.1 starts rolling out. Rumor has it they are looking to break this functionality, however as stated that is just a rumor for the time being. Only time will tell. Until then, enjoy!

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