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Natalie McLaughlin: Beyond Crazy

Ladies and gentleman, I feel it is my civil duty as a fairly decent human being on this planet we call Earth to make you all aware of Natalie McLaughlin. Why you may say? All in due time my friends. All in due time. But if I may start by prefacing that in no way shape or form is this post meant to be malicious or vindictive. It is merely meant to hopefully educate others about this woman and her unsettling behavior.

You see, Ms. Natalie McLaughlin works as a recruiter in the Metro Detroit area and had added me as a contact on the popular social media site for professionals, LinkedIn. Over the past year I would get emails every couple of months saying “Congratulate Natalie McLaughlin on the new job!” and it sparked my interests on whether I was just getting overly spammed by LinkedIn because I never told my “good old pal” congrats or if she was actually going through THAT many jobs. Turns out, it was the latter. This person whose job it is to find other people jobs can’t even hold down a position with a company for more than a couple of months at a time. That’s pretty scary and concerning if you ask me.

So like I said, my interest was sparked as to what the heck was going on with her situation. I know I should have just minded my own business, but I just couldn’t so I messaged her to find out and here is the fallout and aftermath. Now I must state for the record none of these images have been doctored in any way shape and form. These are straight screenshots from LinkedIn’s Inbox as well as my Gmail account.


Okay I will be the first to admit AGAIN that I probably could have phrased my initial question better and she had every right to fire back at me and I am even fine with her telling me to “go fuck myself”. I apologized and said my peace so I figured we were done and would both go on our merry little ways. OH HOW I WAS WRONG! This was only the start. She got ahold of my personal email address and what ensued was just pure madness. Now while I find this whole thing rather humorous, her comments were so over the line that she cannot even see the line anymore. I honestly feel sad for her and cannot believe that someone who deems themselves to be a professional thinks it is perfectly rational and/or okay to talk to anyone like this. I could see a punk teenager acting this way, but not a grown adult.



My jaw is still on the floor in shock and awe over her comments from last night. I am very thick skinned, always have been and always will be, so while her comments did sting a bit I brushed them off. Originally I was just going to add her email address to my Spam list and block her on LinkedIn, but she took things to a whole new level. This morning when I got in to work I noticed the little light flashing on my phone indicating that I had a new voicemail. I open up my work email and proceed to see that it was from (734) 837-XXXX and I thought it was one of our guys out in the field looking for an update on a case or seeking assistance for a new issue. Yup, wrong again! I open up the audio file on my PC and immediately hear “YOU FAT FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!” at which point I quickly hit the STOP button. Of course I am providing it to you all for your listening pleasure. This pretty much proves that she is unstable and has officially crossed the line from being an internet bully to a full on cyber stalker.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

#MINDBLOWN is all I can really say regarding this woman and what has gone down in the last 24 hours. Now my work is getting involved as she has officially harassed me at my place of employment. Honestly, if I can shed the light about her to just one company or client that has any inkling of interest in doing business with her I have done my job. Natalie McLaughlin, I am sorry, but you did this to yourself. I will forgive you because that is the type of man my Momma raised me to be, but I just hope you get the help you need to control that temper of yours before you bark up the wrong tree and something worse than this happens.

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