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Turning Japanese?

A week or so before the wedding I had two separate people (one being Asian) say that I looked Japanese. I laughed it off then, but I am now starting to think it is true as my wife says that the last few nights I will wake up out of a sound sleep, turn to her and start speaking in Japanese. I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so.

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Most racist commercial ever?

If you can find a better deal he’ll kick a puppy and punch a kitten just for yoooooou!

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Technology is Fun! And Other Stuff…

Being able to update my blog while riding the bike at the gym is pretty awesome. What’s not awesome is eBay. Fuck you eBay!

So far it has been almost a month working from home and I must admit the appeal has worn off. Sure it’s nice to sleep in and work in your underwear, plus I can’t complain about not having to get gas in almost three weeks, but I’m starting to go a little stour crazy being cooped up in my house all day. When your work is your home and your home is your work you lose touch with reality rather quickly. It doesn’t help that things have been super slow work wise either. All I can say is thank God for my lunch hour so I can at least get out and drive around and go to the park for an hour.

Well that’s my time for today cool kids. Time to head home and watch Hells Kitchen. Peace!

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The Magic of Smartphones

I just installed an app on my EVO this morning that will allow me to post to this site via my phone. I’m like a giddy little schoolgirl right now.

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WTF Ref?!

Red Wing fans, including myself, have said all throughout this series with the Sharks that the Officials have been screwing the Wings more then Charlie Sheen “allegedly” screws coked out Whores. While some may call us crybabies I call it passion for the sport and the team we love. If you were at your kids Little League game and the umpire stated you kid was tagged out when he clearly was not, you’d complain and bitch about it am I right? Better yet if your team that you root for was down 3-0 in a Best of 7 series and were constantly having shit penalties called on them you’d bitch wouldn’t you? Why is it any different or wrong for us?

I am a die hard Wings fan through and through and have no problem admitting when the team I love got out played by their opposition. The Wings shut down in the 3rd Period last night and just decided to quit for unknown reasons. However I must say that I am extremely disappointed in the Refs during the OT goal more so then any other bad call they have made. The play should have been stopped or the goal should have been declined and a Too Many Men on the Ice penalty should have been given accordingly to the Sharks. Below is an undoctored picture, minus the circling of the Shark players, of the OT goal from last nights game along with the official NHL rule for “Too Many Men on the Ice”.

74.1 Too Many Men on the Ice-

Players and goalkeepers may be changed at any time during the play from the players’ bench provided that the player or players leaving the ice shall be within five feet (5′) of his players’ bench and out of the play before the change is made. At the discretion of the on-ice officials, should a substituting player come onto the ice before his teammate is within the five foot (5’) limit of the players’ bench (and therefore clearly causing his team to have too many players on the ice), then a bench minor penalty may be assessed.

Now as you can obviously see there are seven total skaters on the ice for the Sharks, two of which were more then 5′ away from the bench. You have to figure that an average player is well over 5′ tall and if you were to lay him down on his side it would take at least one and a half body lengths if not more for the player to touch the boards in front of the bench. Clearly they are in violation of this rule and a penalty should have been assessed. Ah well, can’t do anything about it now right? Here’s to hoping the Wings can pull 4 magically wins out of their asses and save themselves from elimination.

Posted by: Tim Kamen On May 5th, 2010 Filed Under Sports, Thoughts, Rants, and Babbles | Post Your Comments

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